$114,950 Somersworth Log Home Offers Convinience and Comfortability

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$114,950 Somersworth Log Home Offers Convinience and Comfortability

The Somersworth is a beautiful log home kit that has al the conveniences of home. With a two car garage with an entryway that goes directly into the kitchen. Having a garage where you can drive into and come into the log home will help to keep your floors clean, and offer a place for storage and a sheltered area for coming and going when its cold or wet outside. Downstairs is a semi-open layout with stairs between the living and kitchen/dining areas. On the first floor, there is also a comfy bedroom with closet space and a full bath with laundry area. Upstairs are two bedrooms, each with its gabled dormer, storage space, and a bathroom in-between. There is a wrap-around covered porch which offers a great place for outdoor enjoyment on warm summer days. This log home kit is part of the Craftsman Series of log home kits, a premiere series that is distinguished by exposed architectural post and beam-style roof and loft systems.

Log homes and log cabins have been around for hundreds of years, and it's easy to see why. These comfortable and durable builds can last decades, with some even have lasted more than a hundred years through all sorts of weather. There are stories of log homes that have withstood forest fires, hurricanes, extreme heat and cold, and so much more. You can trust the strength of logs and feel safe living in the log homes they build. While log homes may cost more than some types of builds, you certainly get what you pay for, with log homes giving you confidence that your home will last and protect your family through all of the elements. A log home kit is an investment that you won't lose on. They can be used for full-time living to vacation homes, and provide a place where you can make treasured memories with family and friends. A log home is something you will want to keep in the family, and possibly one day leave it behind for your children to enjoy throughout their lives. Log homes have a certain appeal that people can't get enough of, with the combination of natural building materials of log, stone and wood it's easy to see the appeal as log homes and log cabins always fit perfectly into their natural environments and locations.

The Somersworth log cabin home kit is just one of the log home kits from Coventry Log Homes. Coventry Log Homes is a quality log home builder that has more than twenty years of experience selling home cabin and log cabin kits. They have five series of cabin kits for sale to choose from, with over 60 models of log cabin homes kits. There are five series of log homes from Coventry that you can choose from. The Craftsman Series of cabin home kits is the premiere series of log homes with Coventry that are known for their exposed architectural post and beam style of roofs and loft systems. The Tradesman Series of home cabin kits are the traditional log homes that everyone dreams about at affordable prices. The Cabin Series of cabin kits for sale have a comfortable charm with knotty pine logs that are used in this log home kit series. The Recreational Series of home cabin kits use convenient four by 8 logs which make them more affordable in the overall price. The Timber Frame Series of home cabin kits combine post and beam construction with high R-value pre-cut SIP panels. With so many cabin kits for sale, there is something for every lifestyle and need. **

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