$218,600 Bear Rock Log House Proves Efficiency Doesn't Have to Be Sacrificed When Designing Grand Elegance

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$218,600 Bear Rock Log House Proves Efficiency Doesn't Have to Be Sacrificed When Designing Grand Elegance

This stunning Bear Rock log home might just be the nicest log home kit you see. The Bear Rock log home was featured in the July 2011 issue of Log Cabin Homes. There are so many design details to this unique log home that you have to take a look for yourself. With lots of windows and a cathedral ceiling to let in the natural light, the log home earned a Five Star Plus Energy Star rating. The home has impressive truss arm supports over the great room which make a statement of their own. This log home has the ultimate outdoor living space with a covered porch, open decking and a screened in porch. The log home kit cost $218,600 for a six by eight complete log home kit package. This log home kit has 2,688 square feet of living space with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a loft space. On the main floor, there are two bedrooms, with an open living/dining/kitchen space. Upstairs there are two more bedrooms, an office, and an open loft area. While downstairs there is a work space with it's own kitchen set up, so you can work from home. You will want to take a look at all of the unique design features, in this country inspired log home kit.

There is a certain beauty to log home kits that you won't find with other building materials. Logs each have their characteristics which make them a beautiful material to work with. From the grain of the wood to the knots and lines that show their age, wood is always a good choice. Another benefit of living and building a log home is with the thermal mass of logs. The thermal mass quality of wood makes them an energy efficient choice when used. What this means is when you have a well-built log home the logs will typically leave the house cool in the warm months of summer and warm in the winter. Because of this, living and staying in log home is usually a nice experience, you may find yourself having some of the best sleep you've ever had. Log homes also just fit in perfectly in natural surroundings such as country and forest locations. Whether you use your log home kit for full-time living or a vacation home away, it's always a home that you will enjoy coming back to again and again.

Coventry Log Homes have over 60 models of log home kits for sale. They have all sorts of beautiful log home kits for small log homes to larger, custom designed log homes. The company has a staff of 30 professionals who work closely with each and every customer to bring their log home dreams to life. This log home company takes pride in the quality log cabin homes kits and quality service they deliver to their customers. It's good to know that this log home company is a green company, which means they adhere to certain guidelines that make their company environmentally friendly. All of their log home kits for sale and log home models can be Green Certified by a third party certifier that they work with so that you can have an environmentally friendly and cost-effective log home. Logs themselves are a sustainable option when it comes to building cabins and houses. Since all of the trees used in these projects come from sustainable tree plantations, you can guarantee that the wood that is used to build your home will have come from these sustainable plantations where nothing is wasted, and everything is recycled for other uses. **

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