$23,750 Bradley Log Cabin Perfect for the Retired or a Couple's Getaway Retreat

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$23,750 Bradley Log Cabin Perfect for the Retired or a Couple's Getaway Retreat

The Bradley is a charming real log cabin for sale that has everything you need in a compact open concept design that has a full front covered porch. This 576 square foot log home building would be perfect anyone who is retired or as a quaint couple's getaway vacation retreat. You have everything you need in this open concept living room/kitchen/dining room space with covered porch, one bedroom, and one bathroom. Prices for this log home kit start at $41,200 for the complete six by eight complete package. This prefab log cabin kit comes from the Tradesman Series of log homes with Coventry. The Tradesman Series is a classic series of log home designs that offer the simple style that everyone loves, at very affordable prices.

When it comes to building and designing a log house design choosing the prefab log cabin kit is just the first step of the process. Prefab log cabin kits are more popular than ever before especially in the United States, Europe, and Canada where there are more and more people realizing just how affordable and convenient these convenient and affordable log home designs are. Prefab log cabin kits can be constructed and built about three times quicker than standard home builds because they are built indoors in a controlled setting, so there is no need to worry about weather delays. Prefab log cabin kits can be found in whatever sort of log cabin design you want from rustic log homes to luxury log homes to garden sheds. You could order the prefab log cabin kit along with a playhouse to match, the choice is yours. And with green living and the environment being at the forefront of people's minds, it's good to know that prefab log cabin kits are considered an environmentally friendly home that is also energy efficient. Whether you want a prefab log cabin vacation retreat to spend holidays and weekends away or want a log home for full-time living, there is something to suit most anyone. If you are not familiar with prefab log homes, prefabricated construction designs which are also known as prefab homes or prefab cabin kits, are prefabricated kits that are manufactured and built off-site in advance. Prefab log cabin kits are usually built in standard sections that can easily be shipped and assembled at the building site. One of the bonuses of a prefab log cabin kit is that you can typically save on time when it comes to the overall building process your log home design especially when you order from a company that specializes in quality prefab log cabin kits and log home kits. Prefab log cabin kits are more popular than ever before, with more options to choose from to suit any budget and preferences. Prefab log cabin designs can also be customized to suit your lifestyle and needs. Before going out and purchasing a prefab log cabin kit, you will want first to do your research with the company you are going with, that way you can see what options they offer and all that is included in each prefab log cabin kit.

The Bradley real log cabin for sale is just one of the log home kits you will find from Coventry Log Homes. Along with the Tradesman Series of prefab log cabin kits, there are four other Series of log homes to choose from. The cabins and log homes come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and floor plans to accommodate and suit most any log home budget and log home need. The prefab log cabin kits are built with quality pine. **

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