From $55,700 Gambrel Style Log House to Maximize the Space Upstairs

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From $55,700 Gambrel Style Log House to Maximize the Space Upstairs

You have to see the $85,750 Shannon log house, this is a gambrel style log home which maximizes the space upstairs and has a unique, country style. If you are like most people, you may have a natural inclination to love log houses. Considering that people have looked to trees for building supplies for centuries, it's no wonder why people love homes built with logs. But, controversially, if you are concerned for the wellbeing of the environment, you might wonder if using wood is practical and sustainable for our Earth. It might put your mind at ease to know that in this day and age, it is required by law that all trees that are used for mass consumption are grown in sustainable tree plantations. In these tree plantations, the trees are grown to the a specific size, then they are cut down, and once removed, a new tree can be planted. Since trees are a renewable resource, and they grow back over a period of time, it makes it a sustainable practice. The practices are monitored and restricted so that nothing is wasted. It also makes more sense as to why logs and wood in general tends to be one of the more costly building materials, because of all the effort that goes into producing them.

The look of this particular log home is very classic country style, with a unique gambrel style roof and a great farmer's style porch that would be perfect for relaxing on. You can find this kind of roof style on many log home building kit designs and it looks quite appealing out in the country, perhaps on a farm or homestead. The gambrel roof is a wonderful roof design since it allows maximum space on the upper level of the home since it has more open angles than your typical pitched roof. This style of roof is also great for snow too, since it won't build up to much and create more weight on the home. Water is easily shed off of the roof which is great for drainage and less leaks for the home.

Log home kits like the Shannon log house from Coventry Log Homes, are created from a log home model and floor plan that the company designs. Once the plan is decided upon by the customer and any alterations are implemented into the design, the talented employees can then create the package for the log home or cabin. They make each individual piece and assemble them, to see that they will all fit together. The pieces of the log home or log cabin are labeled with the appropriate numbers or letters that will match them together once the log home building kit arrives on the customer's property to be built. This makes the assembly process very easy and sometimes, depending on the size of the log home, the whole assembly process might be able to be done by the customers themselves, take less than a month to build. Some of the larger projects are better off to be assembled by professionals, because with larger log homes, cranes sometimes need to be involved to lift the logs up and put them into place. Many people hire contractors to build their log houses, but if you want to be hands on with your log home building process, you can be. The easy to follow steps and assembly process makes it easy for people to build their very own log house that they can be proud of. You can have a home to live in for years and pass down to your kids to use for years to come.***

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